XaraMartketplace is a dedicated 3rd party marketplace for Xara Programs, such as Xara Designer Pro and Xara Web Designer Premium. Using XaraMarketplace you can buy and sell Designs, Templates, Graphics, Widgets, Plugins.  Items are priced on the complexity, quality and use of the file by the Designer who created them. XaraMarketplace also offers an articles section where a few of our authors have written articles and help guides for new and existing Xara Users and XaraMarketplace users. We hope to continue to expand with every new member offering a new look on design.

Thank you for using XaraMarketplace, please read the terms and conditions below before using XaraMarketplace.


(Note: If you’re agreeing to these terms on behalf of someone else, you must have full legal authority to bind that third party.)

Hi, We’re XaraMarketplace and first want to say Hello and thank you for using XaraMarketplace!

The idea of XaraMarketplace is to build a Community and Marketplace for Xara Program Users, that together can help each other create and build just about anything Graphics/ Design/ Web related. The XaraMarketplace allows you to buy and sell your creativity to other members of the community. XaraMarketplace allows the sales of Graphics, Web Templates, Widgets and much more, so have a look around look around.

The designs and content on XaraMarketplace are owned by the Designers, not by XaraMarketplace. We are the Market, but take no ownership or responsibility of the items.

Whilst using XaraMarketplace you agree to follow the following Terms and Conditions. We recommend reading them and ensuring you understand them fully.

Purchasing Designs:

Licenses: When you buy an item, you acquire the right to use that item; not acquiring ownership of the item itself. What you get includes a license directly from the author to use that item. It is up to the Designer to make clear what sort of license and it’s capabilities you are purchasing, and it is up to the purchaser of the content to know exactly what you are buying including what the license allows.

Currency conversion costs: The purchaser is responsible for all costs of currency conversion relating to a transactions on XaraMarketplace. Your financial institution does the currency conversion and may charge you additional fees (we don’t control either the conversion rates or your financial institution’s fees). This means that you may incur additional costs when purchasing from XaraMarketplace, which we have no control over.

Before purchasing please ensure that you have:
– Carefully considered the suitability of your chose design and it’s license
– Supplied correct details when purchasing the design.

PayPal’s Acceptable Use Policy – https://www.paypal.com/us/webapps/mpp/ua/acceptableuse-full

Designer Support:

A Designer can offer support on an item, if they choose to. This is not mandatory and again should be specified by the Designer. We recommend using the review system to review your purchases, and then future shoppers will be able to use the information you provide to help them decide whether to purchase.

Selling Designs:

As a Xara dedicated marketplace, all Designs, Widgets, Plug-ins and Content must be 100% compatible with Xara, ideally 100% created with Xara as well.
As a Designer, it is your responsibility to ensure your design is suitable for XaraMarketplace and contains no abusive or offensive materials. It is your responsibility to ensure the design is of acceptable quality and fit for the purpose in which you are selling it for. You must ensure the design matches the description you have given. You must ensure to honour any and all promises given to the purchaser through XaraMarketplace and any promises made up to the purchase of the design.

If you have offered any kind of support or updates for the Designs you must continue to honour the offer until completed.

As a Designer, it is also your responsibility to ensure your design breaks no copyright laws and the design does not infringe the intellectual property rights of someone else.

When making sales on XaraMarketplace, you will be charged two fees, the first a designer fee or commission, this fee is equal to 15% of your sale, this goes towards all the costs of the marketplace. The fee also goes towards paying for everything about the site, it’s hosting, servicing and development fees. The second is the payment gateway’s fee. Current gateways include Paypal, which charges 20p + 3.4%.

Example: £10 sale – £1.50 (Marketplace fee) = £8.50 , £8.50 – 69p (Gateway fee) = £7.91 (your earnings).


Given the nature of digital content and designs, a refund or similar credit offer is not possible, unless the description of the design is decided, by XaraMarketplace, to be false. XaraMarketplace will look into refunds or similar credits, based on the individual case and based on information collected from both the Designer and Purchaser.

FAQs and Marketplace Support:

This will soon become the FAQs section, If you have any questions that are not covered in this section please send them to support@xaramarketplace.co.uk, and we will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

Q1. Are you related to the Xara Group Ltd?

A1. No, XaraMarketplace is not linked to or endorsed by Xara Group Ltd.

Q2. I am unsure about whether the Design I am looking at is correct for my purpose, or my purpose is allowed for the design i am purchasing?

A2. All questions must be directed to the Designer of the Design. They will be able to give you exact answers to all your questions, please use the Comments feature on their Design page for this.

Q3. Where can I get support with XaraMarketplace, who should I contact?

A3. Current XaraMarkerplace doesn’t offer 24/7 support, but we do offer free support via email, support@xaramarketplace.co.uk, or try on social media at https://www.facebook.com/XaraMarketplace/.

Q4. What license is the XaraMarketplace Content under?

A4. The content offered on XaraMarketplace is by default covered by the “XaraMarketplace General License”, which can be found here, or by the specified or included license supplied by the Designer. If at any point you are unsure about licensing, it is the purchasers responsibility to contact the Designer to confirm licensing.

At all times XaraMarketplace reserves the right to remove any design from XaraMarketplace. At all times XaraMarketplace reserves the right to remove/block/delete any user accounts from XaraMarketplace, including all their Designs. If you breach these terms, or act in a way that doesn’t follow the values of XaraMarketplace or act in a way that could cause XaraMarketplace, the community or any of it’s members harm, we will use our right to cancel your account and remove your designs.

© 2017 All Rights Reserved XaraMarketplace is not linked to or endorsed by Xara Group Ltd. Xara is a trademark of Xara Group Ltd.
End of XaraMarketplace Terms and Conditions.

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