Photo filter Presets: Beneathe the surface Part 2

In part 1 of this series I  gave a basic look at how a preset filter can be edited and how to save an edited filter as a preset.  In part 2 Which I have done in video form I delve into the steps to create a preset from scratch and how to adjust the different layers in a filter using the transparency tool.                                                    

Photo Filter Presets – Beneath the Surface Part 1

Editing and Saving Presets The photo presets you can download from the Content Catalogue offer a quick and easy way to add some interesting edits to your photos very quickly, but if you take a look beneath the surface you can do a lot more.  The presets are .xar files with a special name that apply saved settings to your photos and you can easily edit those settings and save your settings as your own custom preset!  It’s also possible to create your own presets from scratch and you can apply a preset to more than one photo at once!  So beneath the surface we have a way to save your photo edits and batch edit them!      

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Sample PDF Icon Designs

Custom PDF Icons for your Xara Designer Website

Click to download Premade Custom PDF Icons This article covers how you can let your website users download PDFs by clicking your own personalised PDF icon design, or the free downloadable designs available through this article. Whilst browsing the internet I came across a post on, (if you haven’t used TalkGraphics, I would absolutely recommend going and having a read, they cover some really interesting topics and discuss everything Xara, Web and Graphic Design related). The article was about users “suffering” with having to use the dated, low quality, PDF icon, instead of being able to use new bright icons, or even their own icons. What was missed from the discussion was the fact, it’s completely possible to use

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Publishing to the cloud

Publishing Your First Design

How to Publish your First Design. After you’ve come up with your design and created it, you can quickly publish it to XaraMarketplace by using the Add Product link on your account page. Once you’re on the “Add New product” page, follow the steps and suggestions below to show off your Design. Insert the name for your Design in the “Product Name” section. Add an image for your design by using the set product image button on the right (You can add a gallery of images using the using the add gallery images). Use the Categories and Tag panel to select what categories your design relates to, this will ensure that users find your design when they search for it. Use the main

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getting started image

Getting Started on XaraMarketplace

XaraMarketplace and it’s Community XaraMarketplace is a website aimed at any and all Xara Users, from the fresh starters trying to learn the program, to the seasoned veterans who know the ins and outs of every part of Xara. Together we hope this community can help the new starters to learn and progress with the Program, and test the veterans into designing and creating content that is cutting edge and ahead of it’s time. Things to remember, at XaraMarketplace all welcome, and we hope that we can all work together to achieve something great, but if there is anyone who is having a negative impact on your experience, or the experience of another member of our community, please let us know through

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