Photo filter Presets: Beneathe the surface Part 2

In part 1 of this series I  gave a basic look at how a preset filter can be edited and how to save an edited filter as a preset.  In part 2 Which I have done in video form I delve into the steps to create a preset from scratch and how to adjust the different layers in a filter using the transparency tool.                                                    

Photo Filter Presets – Beneath the Surface Part 1

Editing and Saving Presets The photo presets you can download from the Content Catalogue offer a quick and easy way to add some interesting edits to your photos very quickly, but if you take a look beneath the surface you can do a lot more.  The presets are .xar files with a special name that apply saved settings to your photos and you can easily edit those settings and save your settings as your own custom preset!  It’s also possible to create your own presets from scratch and you can apply a preset to more than one photo at once!  So beneath the surface we have a way to save your photo edits and batch edit them!      

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