Getting Started on XaraMarketplace

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XaraMarketplace and it’s Community

XaraMarketplace is a website aimed at any and all Xara Users, from the fresh starters trying to learn the program, to the seasoned veterans who know the ins and outs of every part of Xara. Together we hope this community can help the new starters to learn and progress with the Program, and test the veterans into designing and creating content that is cutting edge and ahead of it’s time.

Things to remember, at XaraMarketplace all welcome, and we hope that we can all work together to achieve something great, but if there is anyone who is having a negative impact on your experience, or the experience of another member of our community, please let us know through our email, and we’ll try to help both parties through the issue.

All content on XaraMarketplace is made for Xara programs, we do not support any other WYSIWYG or Design programs.

Finding and Buying Designs

There are a variety of ways to look at Designs on XaraMarketplace,

  1. On the Front Page you have the search bar, simply search for what your interested in and if we have it, you’ll find it. You can also use the Spyglass in the top right corner to search.
  2. On almost every page, you have the main Navigation Bar, click on the “Browse Store” button to go to the whole shop, or use the drop down menu to select a category.
  3. Use the “Popular Designs & Designers” to see the most popular in the Market.
  4. Also in the top right hand corner, you can click the 3 lines menu, to show the Categories, which will lead you to the shop.

Posting and Selling Designs

To begin selling your Designs on XaraMarketplace,

  1. First step is always to sign up…
  2. Once you’ve signed up simply go to your account page and select “Add product”.
  3. Describe your product, set your price, and publish it for the community to enjoy.

For more information on Publishing your designs, see our “First publish tutorial“.

Remember, XaraMarketplace is a place for all Xara users and Designers, please remember this when using XaraMarketplace.

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