Publishing Your First Design

Publishing to the cloud

How to Publish your First Design.

After you’ve come up with your design and created it, you can quickly publish it to XaraMarketplace by using the Add Product link on your account page.

Once you’re on the “Add New product” page, follow the steps and suggestions below to show off your Design.

  1. Insert the name for your Design in the “Product Name” section.
  2. Add an image for your design by using the set product image button on the right (You can add a gallery of images using the using the add gallery images).
  3. Use the Categories and Tag panel to select what categories your design relates to, this will ensure that users find your design when they search for it.
  4. Use the main product description section to describe and explain your design, how it works and why users should use it. This should to include all the information your users need when they see your design and are deciding whether to use it.
  5. Use the product data panel to go through selecting the various settings for your design, settings such as it’s Regular Price, Sales prices and Schedules, Linked products etc.
  6. Use the short Product description to give a brief description for users to see when they search your site. This should include important information that users will need to know before they even click onto your design.

Then simply set the Publish settings and press update. Now you should be able to search for your design in the Marketplace. You can also set it’s visibility so only you can see it, whilst you finish off the Designing the page.

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