Sears Appliance Maintenance Agreements

Combine our device and system warranties into one plan attention, beware of this terrible plan. I purchased the Sears Home Warranty Plan for $49.99 per month. I have filed a claim and they charge you an additional $75.00 for each claim that is not disclosed during registration. Then I filed a request to repair and burn my washing machine, and I called the service technician and texted to confirm that I was home. All plans include a heating system and preventive maintenance control of the cooling system each year – at no extra charge.┬╣ Our experienced technicians prepare your home with a 17-point inspection that identifies necessary adjustments or repairs, for summer or winter. The Appliance plan covers 10 large devices, the system plan covers 12 fully home systems, and the combo plan also covers everything under the Appliance and Systems plan for $10 per month, less than what Sears offers for its whole House Plan. If you don`t have an MA, the next time you go to Buy a device or electronics from Sears and the seller finds the MA, I suggest you just say, “Well, if you think I need an MA for this, I don`t want one! Who would want an unreliable product?┬áSears Home Warranty is part of the Sears brand, which has been in business since 1886, offers many benefits that other home warranty companies do not. For example, each year, Sears offers you two preventive maintenance tests of their heating and cooling systems. In addition to your warranty benefits, your plan includes membership in Shop Your Way, an action program for collecting discounts from Sears, Kmart, and other retailers. With this membership, you will receive free two-day shipping for many items you can purchase. A Sears Appliance warranty plan offers unique benefits, such as.B. free preventive checks for your heating and cooling systems and discounts on oil changes.

Because who has time to remember to have an annual maintenance check, especially when it comes to a workshop-MA where you have to take it to the garage, as in the case of a portable item like a microwave? Think of it in terms of compromise….

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