Un Transport Agreements And Conventions

2. Delivery of the goods may be required of the multimodal carrier or a person acting on his behalf only by issuing the multimodal transport document duly accompanied by a multimodal transport document duly marked with an appropriate endorsement. 2. In a place not referred to in paragraph 1 of this Article, no legal proceedings may be instituted in respect of international multimodal transport under this Convention. The provisions of this article shall not constitute an obstacle to the jurisdiction of States Parties with respect to interim or safeguard measures. (b) the counter-evidence of the multimodal carrier is not admissible where the multimodal transport document has been issued in a negotiable form and delivered to a third party, including a consignee, who has acted in good faith on the basis of the description of the goods contained therein. 1. This Convention shall not preclude the application of the provisions of the multimodal contract of carriage or of national law as regards the adjustment of the general average, to the extent possible. 2. The limitation period shall begin on the day on which the multimodal carrier delivered the goods or part thereof or, if the goods were not delivered, on the day following the last day on which the goods should have been delivered.

(a) the multimodal transport document is proof on a first sight that the multimodal carrier has made the goods described therein responsibilities. and (d) that, in accordance with this Convention, the liability of the multimodal carrier must be based on the principle of presumed fault or negligence; 5. Regional economic integration organizations, consisting of sovereign member States of UNCTAD, responsible for negotiating, concluding and implementing international agreements in certain areas covered by this Agreement, shall also be entitled to become Parties to this Convention in accordance with the provisions of paragraphs 1 to 4 of this Article and, consequently, the rights and obligations of the other Parties to this Convention of this Convention in specific areas. see above….

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