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One way or another, Ebay, with its fees, has become eager to reduce even shipping costs. I don`t think it`s going to be cheaper. What a pathetic opinion (too usually elaborated)! I`m sorry, but you`re wrong! EBay doesn`t always match the buyer!! I was scammed recently by a seller who listed fake Li-ion batteries on ebay (Vapestore_9) Not rhe e Bay ID!! SENT BACK his fake batteries and he TRIED to reward in him “3Potators in the box. And in another photo, the same box with three taters in it… 3 Different SIZED ONE!?. But like the 1.8 kg package, it should have placed well over 3 lbs of potatoes in the box to make the weight. Which I booked through the order to receive a receipt. And they weigh don`t THEY packets? but! EBay STILL found for the SELLER!! BUT the buddies are paying back!! My real grip, however, is that eBay still LISTING HIS COUNTERfeIT batteries are? What for?? I had to go to the small claims court to get my money refunded by a buyer, ebay faithfully promised me that they would act against the buyer, they didn`t, I still have negative returns on my buyer`s seller account, not the first time they did! Ebay seems to be dealing with the trader`s scams rather than the people for whom he was set up in the beginning,!!! Sellers must submit a valid payment method on eBay at all times. You allow eBay to automatically charge for your chosen payment method under this Utilization Agreement and the corresponding billing agreements that you agree to when you set up or change your payment method, for future fees and fees related to the Services. These include its data, which is due for eBay fees, refunds of money and door tags. eBay will inform you of these fees. If, for any reason, payments or amounts due to eBay cannot be paid by the following means of payment, you must nevertheless pay eBay for all unpaid amounts and eBay reserves the right to claim the refund by other means, plus any additional charges incurred by eBay when requesting a refund.

You can change your payment method in My eBay at any time. Question 1 – Sarah, are you aware that the regulations of consumer contracts specify that prior takes place at each distance sale (z.B. online sale) which is legally required for a trader to provide his geographical address to which the trader is established and to indicate (in the case of sellers on Ebay) their phone number and email address. solution? as in, it is easier for sellers to notice that they had been overloaded and recover that? Never arrive on ebay. While we may offer prices, postage, offers and other advice in our services, these instructions are exclusively related to the information and you can choose whether or not to follow them. eBay does not check users` offers or content. While we can help facilitate dispute resolution through various programs, eBay has no control over the existence, quality, safety or legality of advertised items and does not guarantee the existence, quality, safety or legality of advertised items; The veracity or accuracy of content, lists or user reactions Sellers` ability to sell items Buyers` ability to pay for items either a buyer or seller will actually close a transaction or return an item. In the 3 days since I added ” . . . and what about private sellers? “Others have asked similar questions about how these draconian rules can apply to private sellers? All right. It`s official.

eBay does not treat them other than business sellers. I can tell, as this morning`s email address dedicated to an old private seller eBay account, I have only used for more than five years to purchase eBay items, received his email “Updates from the user agreement” which clarifies the penalties I would risk (quote): “We have added new conditions in the user agreement to clarify that users are not allowed to enter into transactions on eBay with other products arising from art

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