Verbal Coaching Agreement

I have already been asked by other coaches what their coaching agreements should be. So here`s an example of a coaching agreement you could use. If you opt to use this contract, make sure that it meets all the necessary legal provisions in your country. We will then have the contract that is not physically written. They are verbal and don`t need our beautiful signature. These class interviews led me to think more deeply about the role our agreements play in the coaching relationship. I am curious. Does this “framework” for coaching contracts come to you? Are there other things you consider when creating and adapting agreements for your coaching commitments? One of our goals is to make coaching much more accessible &.. This is the entire agreement of the parties and reflects a complete understanding of the parties with respect to the subject matter. This Agreement supersedes all prior written and oral assurances. Confidentiality. This coaching relationship, as well as any information (documented or oral) that the client shares with the coach as part of this relationship, is required to be confidential by the ICF Code of Ethics, but is not considered a legally confidential relationship (as in medicine or law).

The coach undertakes not to disclose information about the client without the client`s written consent. The coach will not disclose the client`s name as a reference without the client`s consent. Confidential information does not include the following information: (a) was held by the coach before being provided by the client; (b) is well known to the customer`s public or industry; (c) is received by the coach of a third party without any obligation to the client being breached; (d) is independently developed by the coach, without using or referring to the client`s confidential information; or (e) that the coach is legally required to disclose. Coaching is a business relationship and guarantees explicit agreements on the limits, expectations and rights and obligations of both sides. The “Disagree” option does not honor the professional character of coaching. . . .

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